Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

Sunday, May 3

Why do dogs wag their tails? We all know that dogs show contentment and happiness by wagging their tales, but why that? Well, for one thing, they can’t talk our language and they want to tell us something. Is this why they were created with tails? Their tails have no other purpose unless it is to shoo away flies. They do have other “body language” that goes along with it. They are normally around humans when they wag their tails and usually are looking up at their master with eyes of anticipation, maybe looking for a pat on the head or maybe something to eat. Sometimes they salivate and sometimes they want to lick you. I’m relieved that we don’t have to wag our tails to show affection nor do we lick our loved one. Well, we do kiss the ones we love. There’s another trait that dogs have in common with humans. They are loyal. Dogs will endure enormous abuse and still remain loyal. Many of them are willing to lay down their lives for their human friends. Humans have the same trait, but it’s often skewed because of sin, with its egocentricity. I guess dogs can suffer so much at the hands of a human that they turn vicious, too. All creation fell when man sinned. This fall was not voluntary as it was with Adam. God cursed the ground (Gen. 3:17-19), but that was a specific curse as a penalty for Adam’s sin. We get a more complete picture of the fall of creation in Rom. 8:19. God deliberately subjected all creation to “frustration.” This is otherwise defined as “bondage to decay” in v. 21. From Adam’s sin onward through history the whole universe in spiraling downward, both in the physical sense and in the moral and spiritual sense. [Modern “science” agrees with the physical decay, not necessarily the moral and spiritual decay.] Paul goes on to say in v. 22 that all of creation “groans” as in childbirth. This world is evil and getting worse. We have a situation that demands more than an aspirin and a band aid. God had a purpose in this. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. In the meantime, forget about wagging your tail. It won’t help.

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