The Timing of the Transfiguration

Friday, May 15

Now let’s put all this together. The situation was getting critical. The populace was more and more infatuated with Christ and His teachings, but there was strong opposition by the Jewish leaders, who were out to kill Jesus. The disciples were loyal to Christ, but did not understand that Jesus had to die and be raised from the dead in order to redeem man. The disciples were crucial factors in the establishment of the church and the spread of the gospel, and were not really prepared for what was coming. At this point, about midway in Jesus’ teaching ministry, several things needed to be done. The populace needed to be kept from crowning Jesus as their king. The Jewish leaders needed to be kept from killing Jesus until He had time to prepare the disciples for their future ministry, and the disciples needed to radically change their mind sets. Their affirmation of Jesus as the Messiah and the revelation that Jesus was to die were major issues. They still didn’t get the full picture, but the transfiguration laid the groundwork for it. They finally got it all put together after the crucifixion and resurrection. And then were empowered by the Holy Spirit to embrace their leadership roles. All of this in the capable hands of a loving God.

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