Feeding Our Will

Wednesday, May 27

From John Piper. “Our will does what our desires demand.” We’d like to think that our will is controlled by our beliefs, our rational thought processes, the revealed truth of God’s Word, or the prompting of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Not so, according to John Piper. What feeds our will is what is precious to us, what we really take delight in. Unfortunately, much of this comes from our sin nature. This fits perfectly with Paul’s position as recorded in Romans 7. The answer to this dilemma is not to change our mind set, to program our life on right thinking, or exercising more discipline. “Works” doesn’t work! The answer is to focus on God and His goodness. When we delight in Him alone, all the rest of it, godliness, spiritual maturity, desires, emotions, will, etc., will fall into place.

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