In Good Hands, People

Saturday, May 30

“Hindsight is better than foresight.” We all recognize the truth of this old adage. The idea behind this is that if we had known what was coming, we could have avoided it. But there’s another aspect of this for the believer. Many times we can recognize the hand of God in a situation “after the fact,” days or weeks, or even years later. Our recent car accident is an example. Initially, the rear end accident that totaled our car was just something that a lot of people experience, and we had to accept it as part of life and move on. As I thought about the details of this over the succeeding days, I realized that there were a number of things that might seem coincidental, but when put together with other details would indicate otherwise. I don’t have space here to give you all the details, but how about this? The two ladies that were in the car that we were knocked into by the car that hit us, were Christian ladies. While we were waiting for the police to arrive, we were talking about how there is a purpose for everything, even when we don’t know God’s purpose. It was a pleasure to talk to these two Christian ladies. Then there were the three witnesses, all of whom came over right after the accident to let us know they witnessed the whole thing and would testify in our behalf. One of them had a cell phone and called the police. Result? Prompt arrival of four policemen. All three of the testimonies were duly recorded. Then there was the fact that no one was seriously injured. More than one person commented on that. The body shop man who evaluated the damage to our car said that we must have been hit at about 40-45 MPH, enough to cause major injuries. Then there was the fact that our car is legally drivable—brakes, lights, everything running well. We have not had to borrow or rent a car. We are getting a good settlement and are able to buy the wrecked car back for $830. There may well be other reasons for this “accident,” but it’s enough to satisfy me that God was fully in charge. Do you think we are in “good hands?”

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2 Responses to In Good Hands, People

  1. Frieda and Stan Frazier says:

    You definitely ARE in GOOD HANDS–all the time!! Praise His name. Glad you weren’t hurt.

    • davelotz says:

      Don’t we know it. Just got a good sized check from insurance company yesterday. And we bought back the care, will re-title it and drive it a year or two until we can’t drive anymore. Yes, inded. God is taking care of us. As He is with you, too. He is worthy of all praise.

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