Monday, June 8

[Getting back to heaven] “We lament [getting older] because we can still feel so young inside”. As I have gotten older, I realize that I still think like a young man. I don’t look like a young man, and I can’t perform like a young man. I still have dreams (literal dreams—during the night) of playing basketball, which I no longer can do. The simple joys of youth are still there in my mind and my emotions. As Dan Schaeffer makes clear, the reason is that we have eternal life in our souls and temporal life in our bodies. It makes perfect sense. And of course, all this nostalgia brings a hankering for those “good old days,” days when you could work hard all day in a sawmill and play two softball games in the evening—which I did every chance I got. To some extent I grieve at this loss, but I also realize it’s gone forever—as far as this life is concerned. It also makes me turn my thoughts to the glorious eternal life that is to come. I rather doubt that we’ll play basketball in heaven, but that’s not the point. We are going to be restored to youthful vitality and have the ability to do things that we no longer can in this life. In fact, it will be infinitely greater than anything we’ve dreamed about doing in this life. It’s going to be exciting.

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