Tuesday, June 9

“The way to true rest is restlessness.” Restlessness means being without rest. It implies a need for rest. But there is no reason for rest without getting tired. The more tired we get, the more we appreciate the rest which follows. Rest is very pleasant, especially after a long day of work. But it’s not just physical tiredness that demands rest. Eating is a joy. But it becomes a necessity when one is starving. Coming into a warm house in the middle of a snow storm is a joy. The worse the storm, the more the joy of leaving it for a warm house. So rest is respite from any kind of stress. When we are plagued with sickness, distressed over a wayward child, or find it hard to make ends meet, we can more appreciate the respite (rest) when it comes. These life situations are by divine design. God wants us to get good and tired of this life so we will look forward to heaven. One of the main themes of Hebrews is to enter into Gods rest. The author was not encouraging us to die and go to heaven. There is a rest that we can have in this world, too. It’s built on hope, the reality of a rest in heaven that is guaranteed. That attitude doesn’t eliminate suffering and trials, it allows us to endure them while we wait for the rest that God has prepared for us in heaven. We should long for heaven. That’s restlessness, and I’m restless.

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