My Real Home

Thursday, June 11

God is at home; we are in a “far country.” The implication is that we need to move, not God. Or, put in other words, if we are where God is, we are “home.” It is true that God is with us right now, but to be physically in His presence will be a new and glorious experience. Too often we think of heaven as a place to enjoy life. And we will! But our joy will be less in things and activities and more in God. As in this life, a person can be lonely to the point of despair even when living in a mansion with all physical needs met. Home is people. Home is fellowship. Home is being with those we love. But even with the presence of countless friends, it will not totally satisfy. The main attraction is God Himself. Without Him, it will not be home in the fullest sense. Ultimate joy will be when we can fellowship face to face with our creator and redeemer. That’s home as we’ve never known home before! I’m ready to move!

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