Home is Where Jesus Is

Friday, June 12

“Home is where you feel comfortable, secure, safe and at peace. In a very real sense, Jesus Christ had become the disciples’ home away from home. As long as they were with Him, they felt at home. That is exactly why they were so traumatized when He told them that He was leaving them. (John 13, 14)” The disciples were nomads. They left their own homes to wander the countryside with Him. However, it took considerable time for them to feel safe and secure with Jesus. Even after they affirmed Jesus as the Messiah and the Son of God, they were not quite “at home” with him. They were in awe of him, but did not hesitate to set him straight (good old Peter). They were terrified by the storm on the Sea of Galilee, even though Jesus was right with them. Neither did they grasp the reality of a future home in heaven. Even when Jesus told them He was going to have to leave them and return to heaven to “prepare a place for them” so they could be with Jesus forever, they had trouble understanding it. They fled in fear for their lives before, during, and after the crucifixion. They did not have a yearning for heaven, although they yearned to be with Jesus forever. Enlightenment came only after the resurrection. They finally “got it.” Their lives after Pentecost makes that clear. Paul got the message, too. He said he would rather leave this world and be with Jesus, but was willing to remain in this dark world for the sake of his spiritual offspring. Phil. 1:20-26. The slaves in America had it right, too. There “Goin’ home” was to be with Jesus. Heaven will not be home for any of us if Jesus it not there.

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