The Old and the New

Sunday, June 14

The contrast between this present world and the world to come is marked by the terms “old” and “new.” There is an old Jerusalem and a new Jerusalem. There is an old earth and a new earth, an old heaven (our atmosphere) and a new heaven. There is a vast difference between the old and the new. The current (old) world is corrupt, riddled by evil and controlled by Satan. The new world will be sinless, peaceful, delightful, and ruled by God. But there is another element in this. Besides the contrast, there is familiarity and similarity. The old has not been abolished; it has just been refurbished. God designed it this way so that we will not feel like foreigners in a strange land. We will feel “at home” although there will be plenty of new, innovative, and advanced things to delight us. We will have trees, flowers, rivers, mountains, sunsets and sunrises, an expanded spectrum of colors, maybe even trout to catch in mountain streams. If you enjoy walking on the beach, have at it. If you want to climb mountains, that will be OK, too. You might want to explore the bottom of the ocean. Without doubt there will be a plethora of new and fascinating things to do, too. But the bottom line is that we will not be traumatized by our new home. We will be enchanted. We will be at home.

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