“Our” Universe?

Thursday, June 18

Our universe is immense beyond comprehension. NASA has a spacecraft that has been traveling for nine years and has covered 3 billion miles. It is now nearing the target, that little piece of the universe that used to be called a planet. Yes, Pluto. Pluto is at the outer reaches of our solar system, and our solar system is just a small portion of our galaxy. And there are more galaxies out there in space than we even know about. Our telescopes don’t reach that far. The closest the spacecraft will get to Pluto is 7,750 miles, which is practically nothing when compared to 3 billion miles. This venture is enormous in the eyes of astronomers. It will be fascinating to get pictures and data. So we’ve learned a few things about our universe, and we’re learning more all the time, but we’ve barely scratching the surface. Here we are on a relatively small planet, in a relatively small galaxy and almost infinite (maybe it IS infinite) space in every direction. And we call it “OUR” universe! This is the epitome of audacity. Why do we call it our universe? Because self is at the center of everything in our world. No different than burning Copernicus at the stake for declaring that our earth is not the center of the universe. [Follow up on this tomorrow.]

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