Yes, Our Universe

Friday, June 19

Let’s get back to our universe. While I bridle at the idea that we own the universe, it is also true that God made the universe FOR US. We appear to be the only inhabitants of this vast universe. Curiosity is a universal trait in man. We were meant to explore, to discover things about our environment, to advance. Sin really slowed things down. First of all, God said man would make a living by sweat and toil. No more easy life. Curiosity, discovery, and progress had to be shelved. I doubt that Adam spent a lot of time exploring his world. Too busy digging weeds! The flood was another blow to progress. A huge accumulation of knowledge was lost. Wars generated by selfish interests also took their toll. But progress was not dead. In fact, man was making too much progress—progress based on rebellion against God. God took care of that at Babel. Now back to Dan Schaeffer. Why the “immense and “unfriendly” universe? Maybe our God-given curiosity and desire to explore is behind it. Our new bodies will allow us to explore the universe. They won’t need air, won’t be limited by gravity, and we may be able to transport ourselves to outer space in a moment of time. It could be that God has already created millions if not billions of places to explore. Our natural curiosity and desire to explore will not end. The places to be explored will be infinite. We will be able to roam the universe at will and we’ll have all eternity to do it. We could discover new life forms and view new and gorgeous panoramas—rivers, oceans, mountains, sunsets. There will be new foods to eat, all of them “familiar” yet different and delightful. The “golden age of exploration” may be ahead of us, not behind us.

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