Utter Transparency

Sunday, June 21

“The highest bliss in heaven (save God) shall surely be hearts opened to each other in pure transparency.”—Dan Schaeffer, p. 90. Total transparency sounds kind of scary. My experience in this world does not prompt a big “whoopie” to this transparency idea. I like to keep my private thoughts private. I would be embarrassed to death to have people know what I’m thinking or feeling—at least some of the time. And I know I’m not alone. Dan remarks “I wonder if we’ve ever had a completely honest conversation on this earth with anyone.” And now we’re talking of meeting people on the streets of New Jerusalem that we’ve never seen before and they’re “reading me like a book”?? Not to worry! The difference here is that sin has been abolished. I won’t have to disguise my true thoughts or practice duplicity in order to avoid offending someone, to salvage my reputation, or get some one to agree with me or do something for me. “For the first time in my life, my thoughts will be clear, lucid, unimpeded by sin, deep, unbroken and completely pure. I will truly care about God’s glory, not my own. I will truly love people more than myself.” And so will it be for all my fellow citizens. A new world indeed!

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