Smelling Roses

Wednesday, June 24

Dan mentioned earlier that there will be remnants of this present life to make us feel comfortable in heaven. This has significance as we consider time. We always take delight in smelling the sweet aroma of a rose. But we don’t stand there for years taking in that pleasure. Because of the time factor, we have to get on to something else, like going to work or fixing a leaky pipe. The little pleasures of this life are short lived, often followed by something negative. There are a few outstanding pleasures that we hang on to for as long as possible. Most of us have a few really outstanding events that we refuse to let go of.—maybe our wedding day, or maybe a trip to Israel. Some of these special times are marked by an “anniversary” and others by a picture or a whole album of pictures. We don’t want those few precious moments to fade away with time. Back to sniffing roses. I’m not suggesting that we spend all of eternity smelling roses. The reality is that there will be unending pleasurable experiences, a multitude of them throughout eternity—and with no leaky pipe to fix. A lot of them will be totally new, things that we have not experienced in this life, things not even conceived of in this life. Just imagine the feelings you had at those special times in this present world and put it in the heavenly setting. Multiply that by infinity (if you can). The entire time in eternity will be non-stop delightful pleasures. And all of them will motivate us to glorify God. Dan’s final comment: “Time will finally be on our side.” AMEN!

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