Old Age “Benefits”

Friday, July 10

Getting older is not easy. I spend a lot time going to doctors, taking pills, and doing therapy. And I go to graduations, birthday parties, weddings and an occasional funeral. Then there’s weeds to pull and a lawn to mow. Our car got totaled and I spent hours trying to get through all the paper work. As an elder in my church, I spend a good deal of time “shepherding the flock.” My energy level is not quite up to all this, but when I go to bed, I have trouble sleeping. I feel tired all the time. Whatever would I do if I was still working? Retirement is “for the birds.”

You might have guessed by now that I’ve set you up. When you read the above paragraph, what was your response? It would probably one of the following:
1. (Indifference) Who cares?
2. Why all this negative lament? Is he feeling sorry for himself?
Well, I have problems, too.
3. That’s not a very Biblical perspective. He must be on a “downer.”
4. Why doesn’t he focus on the positive things in life? God is good.
5. Trials are given us for a purpose. God has a reason for all these things.
6. Then there might be a few whose response is: “Wow, I need to pray for Dave.”

Here’s my point. No matter what happens in our lives, the first instinctive thing is self. Don’t take offense! It’s the norm because of our sin nature. I suffer the same way. But the ones that thought of praying for me demonstrate how God can change us despite our sin nature. The process is on-going for all of us. We may not always respond the way God wants us to, but little by little, His work in us is proceeding. We are gradually becoming more like Christ. We are not “there” yet, but on the way.

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