The Root of Happiness

Saturday, July 11

My happiness glorifies God. We don’t normally think that way. We think that we have to do something for God, to witness, to win people to the Lord, to live a godly life, etc. Rarely do we think that God’s goal is to make us happy. We can understand it better when we think of a family. Mom and Dad want their children to be happy. They are not happy when their children are not happy. Sometimes they give gifts to their children, thinking that that will make them happy. Unfortunately, most of us sinners try a lot of things to make us happy—money in the bank, good health, nice house, etc. In the end, those things do not make us happy. Without going into all the logical evidence provided by John Piper, real happiness comes from a love relationship with God. That is precisely what makes parents happy. The love between parents and children is what makes all of them happy. Nothing else will do. There is no substitute. In a sense, the son or daughter is glorifying their parents when they are fulfilled and happy. True happiness is falling in love with God. That is what pleases God. That is what glorifies God.

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