Saturday, July 18

“I don’t respect anyone that does not proselytize.” To most of us “proselytize” is a negative word. Red flags went up as soon as I ran across this statement. But after meditating on this for awhile, I decided that it is a totally correct and meaningful statement. Anyone with a firm belief in a principle, especially an ethical issue, would want to pass it on to his family and friends. That’s proselytizing. Eagerness to share depends on the important of the issue. There is nothing more important than one’s eternal destiny. So why am I so reluctant to proselytize? We’ve all heard analogies that apply. If a person is about to drown, we risk our lives to save him. We do everything we can to keep a child from playing with guns. These have to do with physical life, important, yes, but which pale in comparison to eternal life. Again, I ask “Why am I so reluctant to proselytize? I know that talking to people about spiritual things is a bit risky. It’s considered a private matter. But when it comes to a kid running in front of a speeding car, we don’t stop to question him about whether he really wants to do this. We risk our own lives to get him out of danger. Of course, Satan has his hand in this. He is notorious for blinding eyes, for telling lies, for deceiving. But “He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.” Do I really believe that?

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