Pope’s Quote

Monday, July 20

“To err is human.”—Alexander Pope. It is not only one of the most quoted “bon mot,” it is probably the most commonly used excuse in the modern era. There’s a valid truth here, but there is a side issue that needs to be understood. Adam and Eve were human, but they were made perfect. They had no sin at all in the beginning. God did not create man with the propensity to sin. That doesn’t mean they could not sin, but sin was not driving them, compelling them to sin. Yes, they did sin, and from that time on sin became the driving force in their lives. It became endemic, a universal part of humanity. My point is that this expression can be applied to man only after sin entered into the picture. In heaven, this phrase will not be “apropos.” In fact, no longer will we have the option of choosing to sin. We will be forever free of sin. We will not be just like Adam and Eve before their fall, but on a higher moral plane. We can thank God for that. Saying that “God is good” is an understatement of vast proportions. His love for us has no bounds. He’s covered all the bases.

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