The Meaning of Miracles

Monday, July 27

Jesus performed a lot of miracles. He had several goals in mind. 1) He drew attention to Himself to get people to listen to His message. 2) Miracles validated His claim that He was the Messiah. 3) Miracles demonstrated his divine traits—one with the Father, creator and sustainer of the universe, His holiness, sovereignty, power over Satan, power over nature, power to forgive sin, power over sicknesses and death, and more. 4) The miracles were also to prepare the disciples for their future ministry. 5) He was compassionate; He had a heart for people that were hurting. Though His miracles had a range of specific goals, they all had one thing in common: redemption. Jesus had compassion on sin sick people. He wanted to reveal truth that would change lives. He wanted to reach people. He knew their lost condition and directed His efforts to bring them into a saving relationship with the Father. His miracles were not just physical; they were spiritual. The healing of lepers: leprosy, a death sentence—analogous to spiritual death. Turning water into wine: a creative act, a radical change, from something common to something special. Blindness: light dispelling darkness as righteousness replaces the sin nature. Raising the dead: restoring physical life as a picture of restoring spiritual life. Healings resulted in salvation, not just physical healing. Every miracle was part of the redemption process. Every miracle was out of compassion for lost sinners.

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