Friday, Sept. 11

I have a bit of a critical spirit. I’ve been aware of it for some time and have been working on it. Elizabeth has the same problem and we are sharing with each other as to how to overcome this bad habit. I was thinking awhile back about this, and came to the conclusion that being critical is pride. When I criticize someone else what I’m really doing is saying that I am better than he is, that I could do it better. Bashing a brother is not good. Most of my criticism is not voiced to the person; rather, I share it with my wife or someone else. This is gossip as well, another sin. And by not sharing it with the person I’m criticizing, I am being two faced, another sin. Such is the nature of sin—excusing it, minimizing it, covering it up, spreading it to others. I guess pride is at the root of a lot of sins, but just naming a critical spirit as pride motivates me to do something about it. Unfortunately, motivation is not enough. I need to take action. The first thing after recognizing it as sin, is to ask forgiveness, first of all, from the Lord. Do I need to ask forgiveness of the person I’m criticizing, too? Or the person I’ve shared it with? I like to think I don’t, but maybe that’s another way of excusing my sin. But if I did confess my sin to him, it would be so humbling that I wouldn’t want to continue being critical. I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one that has this problem. For those of you who do, you might give me a pointer or two as to how to really and fully overcome it. Be gentle with me, OK?

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