Pushing the Boundaries

Tuesday, Sept. 15

“Don’t put a question mark where God puts a period.” There’s a world of truth in this statement. Our inherited sin nature is the root of it all. We all know that children constantly play the edges. They will go as far as their parents let them and often go beyond the boundaries and are sometimes punished accordingly. As adults, we are not much different. We so often raise the question “What’s wrong with that?” The rationale behind that is that if it is not clearly wrong, it must be all right. I could give you a hundred illustrations of this, but let me give you a couple. How much time did I spend in prayer today? And how much time did I spend watching TV? What I watch is not really bad, but the issue is the time spent watching it? How much time did I spend reading a novel and how much time did I spend studying God’s Word? OK, you get the idea; fill in your own examples. For a person who is really concerned about living by God’s standards, the question should be “Is it right?” It should not be “Do anything that is not specifically prohibited,” but “Do what is positive and honoring to God.” The sin nature is at work here. That’s why God is moving us through the sanctification process. And while this process will not be complete in this life, God obviously desires progress. Progress requires divine enablement, but it also demands our cooperation. We need to put out an effort. We need to exercise our “free will” to promote what God is doing in our lives. So let us forget pushing the boundaries and remain in the center of God’s program for us. Forget the question marks and focus on the periods.

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