Thursday, Sept. 17                                       

“Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.”  There are just two things wrong with this statement.  There are no coincidences and God is never anonymous.  Things may appear to be coincidences and God may appear to be anonymous.  The Bible teaches us that God is all knowing.  He knows the number of hairs on our head.  He knows when the sparrow falls.  He knows when we sit down or lie down.  He knows what we will say before we say it.  He knows the intent of our heart at every moment of our life.  He is also everywhere.  We can never be out of his presence.  He is also sovereign.  He can do what he wants, whenever he wants.  He is almighty.  There is no limit to what he can do.  He is holy.  He can do no wrong.  He will do nothing that is not for our good.  He is transcendent.  He is totally involved in man’s affairs.  So there can be no coincidences; there is a reason for everything that happens to us.  Neither is God anonymous.  All of nature declares the glory of God.  He created man with a purpose, and made every provision for a bountiful and happy life.  Then there’s his special revelation, the Bible, in which the problem of sin is addressed and dealt with.  So if He is perceived as anonymous or silent,  it’s human error and no fault on God’s part.  Part of the problem is that God can “speak” in a variety of ways.  It doesn’t have to be a booming voice from heaven as it was on the mount of transfiguration.  Sometimes He whispers in a still, small voice.  Sometimes He “speaks” through others or through circumstances.  He also speaks to us through the Word.  We will never plumb the depths of the truths revealed in the Bible, but we can find everything we need to live a godly life.  If we have a meaningful relationship with God, we will recognize His “voice” even when He chooses not to use words.  To sum up:  There are no coincidences, God is always present, He is loving and caring, every incident in life has a purpose, and He’s always there when we need him.  Keep these things in mind when God seems to be silent or aloof.  [A final acknowledgement:  I suspect the author expected the reader to analyze his statement and arrive at the conclusions that I’ve just come to.]

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