Genuine Pseudo Leather

Friday, Sept. 18                                                          

Many years ago I was in the market for a new wallet.  I found some really nice looking ones and was inspecting one when I ran across an inscription in gold letters GENUINE PSEUDO LEATHER.  I got a real chuckle out of it at the time and have never forgotten the incident.  What a con job!  It reminds me of Satan and his tactics.  He wants to entice us into something contrary to God’s standards and doesn’t hesitate to shade the truth in order to get us to “bite.”   Inevitably he will make it appealing and innocent.  And when we come to our senses, he will make it appear that it’s God’s fault.  But even when we are perfectly aware of his tactics—and the result—we are often still “suckers.”  He wants to bring us down so that we are counter productive as Christians.  He’s laying traps for you right now.  You will not get through the day without his taking a shot at you.  This is a warning.  Take heed.

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