A Heavenly Joy Ride

Saturday, Sept. 19                                          

“The love relationship between us and God will be far beyond what we experience in this life and far beyond our imagination.  It is not that God will love us more, but that we will have a greater capacity to receive his love.”—Dan Schaeffer, in his book “A Better Country, p. 116.  Most of us would accept this at first glance, and it is certainly a true statement, but I’d like to pursue it a bit.  If we are to think that the essential difference between our lives on earth and our lives in heaven is just the matter of the removal of the sin nature, we vastly underestimate what God has in store for us.  Think of Adam and Eve before they fell.  God walked with them and talked with them.  They had no sin.  They were perfectly made, and were in a perfect environment, but this is nothing to what we will experience in heaven.  For one thing, Satan will not be around to tempt us.  Not only that, if he were there, he would have exactly zero impact on us because we will be eternally free from anything having to do with sin.  On top of that, we will be in constant fellowship—face to face and heart to heart—with God.  We will experience his love as never before and will be able to return that love as never before.  Our capacity to worship him and our desire to do so will be magnified beyond anything in this life.  And that is only the beginning.  The rest of it falls into what Dan calls “far beyond our imagination”  We simply have no idea of all the fantastic things we will experience.  We’re in for a marvelous “ride” that will exceed all expectations.  And it will go on for eternity.  I’m ready for that.

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