Hello and Good-bye

Monday, Sept. 21                                           

You are probably familiar with Solomon’s comments on the use of time.  He lists a number of contrasts.  “There’s a time to be born and a time to die.”  Included in this list is “a time to be silent and a time to speak.”   That’s good, but let me add a corollary:  “There’s a time to start and a time to end.”  Phoning and texting comes to mind.  “Hello” is a good start and “Good-bye” is a proper ending, but oh, the chit chat in between.  I’m always amazed at how long people can talk non-stop.  When the people at both ends of the conversation have the same propensity to talk, it’s amazing that they don’t interrupt each other and get bent out of shape over it.  Well, maybe they do; I’m not a party to the conversation.  Lest you think I’m criticizing this, I’m not.  If they find it satisfying and “bonding” is the result, I’m OK with that.  Just don’t expect me to follow suit.   There is a case for non-brevity.

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