Supreme Happiness

Friday, Oct. 9                                                             

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.”—Victor Hugo.  I have no idea whether Victor Hugo was a Christian or not.  He’s on the right track here, but it’s only part of the truth.  Supreme happiness has to do with love, but it’s God’s love.  Human love is good, but not sufficient. In the second place, conviction is insufficient, too.  We can have convictions that are misguided.  In fact, most of them are, since we are warped by the sin nature.  I might have the conviction that there is no God, for instance.  That is the most misguided conviction of all time.  You might be surprised to hear me say this, but God’s love is not enough, either.  God loves all of His created beings, but not all of them will end up in heaven—and hell doesn’t sound like supreme happiness to me.  Since God made man with a free will, he has moral choices to make.  The most important choice of all is whether or not to receive the gift of salvation.  Rejection of the gift doesn’t diminish God’s love, but it certainly makes a difference as to one’s eternal destiny.  I bring this to your attention because Satan has blinded the eyes of people so that they replace truth with half truths.  Victor Hugo’s statement is riddled with half truths.  How many people do you suppose read this statement and responded with “Wow!  That’s a neat statement.”  The statement should read “Supreme happiness is the certainty that we are loved and accepted by God.”   I hope I’m not maligning Victor Hugo.  Maybe he included all this in his thinking.  In any case, please evaluate what you read by checking it out in the Word.  Satan is subtle!

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