Tuesday, Oct. 20                                                                    

“Therapy is concerned with changing behavior, the gospel, with changing character.”—Charles Colson.  For the younger generation. Colson was one of President Nixon’s right hand men and took part in the  break-in of the Democratic headquarters in a business complex called Watergate.  The Watergate fiasco cost Nixon the presidency.  He  was impeached and the perpetrators were sent to prison for various lengths of time, Colson among them.  He was a talented man, but a thief and a liar, with dismal hopes for the future.  How much the judicial system tried to reform these men is questionable, but reforming habitual criminals is not too successful.  Incarceration wasn’t very effective for Colson except that he was introduced to Jesus and became a changed man.  Get his book if you want details.  But the gist of it is incorporated in his quotation above. Therapy without God is not much good.  One can “go straight” so as to stay out of jail, but the inner man is unchanged; he’s still a crook at heart.  When Charles Colson found Christ—or, better, when Christ found Charles Colson—he was changed from within.  His life since that time demonstrates this.  He knows what he’s talking about.  He has led thousands to the Lord, and has organized his own prison ministry program.  So something good came out of “Watergate.”  Just like God to do that!  P.S. Again, for the younger generation.  If you’ve wondered why all these nationwide fiascos seem to end in “gate”—as in “inflategate,” now you know.

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