Thursday, Oct. 22                                                      

“Truth is not determined by majority vote; the world was round even when most people thought it was flat.” —Charles Colson.  Colson was not the first one to make this observation, but it is definitely applicable in today’s world.  If majority vote always indicates truth, there are no absolutes.  If majority vote is always right, man came into being by sheer chance end evolved over millions of years. If majority vote is always right, there are many roads to God, homosexuality and gender change is all determined by one’s genetic make up, and morality is just what anyone chooses it to be.  A good look at history would immediately dispel the idea that the majority view reveals the truth.  It reveals just the opposite.  You will note that throughout history, God’s people were always a minority.  They were often called a “remnant,” meaning that they represented the scraps left behind.  Despite the fact that there are millions of Christians in this world, they are still a relatively small portion of the world’s population.  We’re still a remnant.  That’s OK.  We’re not on the sinning side; we’re on the winning side.

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