Saturday, Oct. 24                                                       

The Greek word, metamorphoo, is used in two ways and is translated in two ways.  What is generally referred to as the transfiguration (Mt. 17:1-9, Mk. 9:2-10, Lk. 9:28-36) is a remarkable and debatable event.  The three disciples witnessed Jesus being “metamorphosed” into a brilliant light form.  Then Moses and Elijah appear and carry on a conversation with Jesus.  Peter described Jesus’ appearance as “majestic glory. (2 Peter 1:16-18).”  John also called it “glory” in John 1:14.  The event marked a turning point in Jesus’ ministry, the focus changing from an appeal to the Jews to accept their Messiah to a focus on preparing the disciples for the crucifixion.  This same word is used in Rom. 12:2, where it has to do with the process of sanctification.  Most English translations use the word “transformed” here rather than “transfigured.”   Two things to notice here.  Rom. 12:2 says to be transformed, with the implication that it is something done to us, not something we do ourselves.  That is, it is a work of grace.  This same word is used in 1 Cor. 3:18.  Paul says that we are being transformed, indicating that sanctification is a process.  The context of this verse is very significant.  Paul associates sanctification with the glory (brilliant light) that radiated from Moses’ face after meeting with God on Sinai.  The reflected glory was so brilliant that Moses had to use a veil.  This fits neatly with the glory revealed on the mount of transfiguration.  So as we are being transformed (sanctifided), we more and more reflect Jesus’ glory.  My immediate question is “Am I reflecting Christ as I live my life from day to day?”  I think we all need to raise this question and probably more than once a year.  Daily, maybe?

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