Making Enemies

Sunday, Nov. 8                                                                       

“When you take a stand for Christ, it doesn’t make enemies; it reveals enemies.”—Pastor Von.  One of the main reasons we shy away from sharing our faith is that we will upset someone.  Most people don’t relish being confronted with spiritual needs.  It’s almost as bad as asking someone about their sex life.  Meddling in someone’s private life is considered a “no-no.”   The easy way out is to avoid conflict and say nothing.  And that leads to spiritual defeat and guilt.  There’s a better way.  People can be approached about sensitive issues.  When a person is assured of our love for them and our sincere concern for their well being, most of them will be open and receptive.  The bottom line is starting with a loving attitude.  Without that nothing positive is likely to happen.  You might consider studying Paul’s approach:  his witness to the men of Athens at Mars Hill (Acts17:22-33), his dialogue with Governor Felix (Acts 24), his witness before King Agrippa (Acts 26), as well as other encounters with unbelievers, both Jews and Gentiles.  You might also study the way Jesus approached people.  Though Jesus and Paul were good role models, and both had a great deal of success, they also had people that rejected their message.  They did not make enemies, they just discovered who they were.  Jesus’ encounters led to persecution and eventually his death.  Paul’s encounters led to intense persecution—rejection, stoning, beatings, imprisonment, and eventually martyrdom.  But their lives were immensely successful in terms of eternal values.  I think we know whom to emulate.

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