Checking Change

Monday, Nov. 9                                                                     

“Some cause happiness wherever they go, some, whenever they go.”  We’ve all met people who seem to be positive and joyful all the time.  They are a pleasure to be around.  We also know people that are intrinsically negative, complaining, demanding, and self centered.  We are happy when they leave.  As to our own lives, how people view us is almost always in our minds.  Am I viewed as a good person or bad person?  Did I mess up or not?  Am I looked down on or do people genuinely like me?  Did I make a good impression or a bad one?  All this ruminating, of course, is based on our human nature, now skewed by a sinful condition known as “self.”  We may be more concerned about reputation than character.  Ideally we would exhibit the transformed life that Paul speaks of in Rom. 12:2:  “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  The above quotation focuses on the two extremes of this issue—totally positive or totally negative, totally happy or totally unhappy.  In reality, none of us are at the extremes.  We are not always happy nor are we always unhappy.  Some times we reflect godly attitudes, sometimes selfish attitudes.  The real issue is whether or not we are making progress.  To what degree have I allowed God to change me in the past year?  Or the past week?  If you find that progress is difficult for you to measure, ask a friend or family member.  If the response is vague or nebulous, you have your answer.  Then it’s time to take action.

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