Waning Love

Tuesday, Nov. 10                                                       

“If we loved the world the way God loves it, we’d never love it the way we shouldn’t love it”—Vance Havner.  He made another statement along the same line:  “The measure of our discord with the world is the measure of our accord with God.”  In math, these would be called inverse proportions.  The only difference in these two statements is that one focuses on love and the other on rational agreement.  Of those two, love is the main issue.  Love is what drives us.  Our decisions are based on who or what we love.  So if there is a problem here, the antidote is not in the realm of knowledge, of correct doctrine; it’s a matter of the heart.  And it’s a matter of relationship.  It’s the difference between knowing facts and knowing a person.  So if we find ourselves longing for worldly things, or leaning toward them, or participating in them, the solution is to love God more.  And that comes about by spending time with Him in the Word and in prayer.  Jesus commended the Ephesian church in Rev. 2:2-3, and then rebuked them with these words in verse 4:  “You have forsaken your first love.”  Take note that this is the first of the seven churches that Jesus evaluated.  It very likely would apply to the other six churches as well.  And it is the main cause of failure in a lot of churches today.  What we love is what motivates us to action.  Conversely, if our actions are not in accord with God, we need to check out how much we love Him.  Both Havner quotations are extremely relevant, but love of God is the driving force for change.

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