John or Judas?

Thursday, Nov. 12                                                     

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning.”—Catherine Aird.  Role modeling is a common topic these day, especially in the sports world.  But rarely is the main issue mentioned.  It’s viewed as a moral issue, not a religious issue.  It’s too often couched in terms of just choosing to do the right thing.  In other words, it’s something that WE can do; God is left out of the picture.  But the truth of this quotation stands.  Our lives will have an impact on those about us.  The Bible is full of this, both on the side of being a good example and on the side of being a horrible warning.  Jesus, of course, was the prime example of a role model.  His humility in laying His godly traits aside to become a man is clearly described in Philippians 2.  Peter is recognized as a good role model despite his “foot in mouth” disease.  John was a good model in terms of his love for the Lord.  Stephen was a role model in terms of courage in proclaiming the gospel in the face of death.  Then there’s the flip side.  Judas is a prime example of a horrible warning.  How many kids have been named after this “role model?”  The author of this quotation doesn’t discuss the cause or the consequences of these two kinds of role modeling.  What causes one to be a good example or, conversely, a bad example?  What are the consequences of being a good role model or a horrible warning?  I don’t think I need to comment on these issues.  You are able to figure that out without my help.  Just don’t be a Judas, OK?

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