Two “Works”

Tuesday, Nov. 17                                                       

“God works in us so that he can work through us.”  This is a short and accurate statement of a truth that I have incorporated in a number of my blogs.  God’s working in us is called sanctification.  Why it’s a process and not a one time miraculous change is beyond my understanding.  But the Bible teaches it and asserts that it will not be complete until we pass out of this life into the next.  Sanctification, of course, is the process of making us holy, or making us more like Christ.  The result is that we are better able to be productive for the Lord.  A changed life style attracts non-believers to Christ.  The same thing was true for O.T. saints.  Sanctification, though not called that in the O.T., was definitely there.  It was progressive through Abraham’s life, Jacob’s life, Moses’ life, and perhaps in a less obvious way, in many others.  The more we reflect God and His righteousness, the more we stand out in a godless society, the more effective we will be in witnessing.  In N.T. terms, we will be bearing fruit, we will be storing up treasures in heaven, and we will be pleasing God.  If you happen to be a new convert you may think that you can’t do anything for the Lord until you’re a little more “sanctified.”  Not necessarily.  New converts are often more excited and emotional about their new relationship to God and are bold in sharing it with others.  To our shame, some of us who have been Christians for years have lost that excitement and boldness.  As Jesus said to the Ephesian church in Rev. 2:4, “You have lost your first love.”  His admonition to that church is appropriate for us.  We don’t have to remain in a “bystander” mode.

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