Brotherly Pride

Wednesday, Nov. 18                                                 

“He is not ashamed to call them brothers.”  Heb. 2:11.  This is a fascinating statement.  The context is Jesus “crowned with glory” after suffering on the cross to redeem God’s “sons.”  The author of Hebrews quotes from the Messianic Psalm 22:  “I will declare your name to my brothers. . . .”  This prophecy was not limited to the Jews.  “Sons” could mean the entire human race, but in the context of Hebrews 2, it is limited to those who have been redeemed.  Note Heb. 2:10:  “In bringing many sons to glory. . .”  We are sons of God by creation, but we are Jesus’ brothers by being born again.  Being brothers means that we have the same father.  Jesus the man, was born of Mary, but His father was God.  We have the same blood lines.  We are human—as was Jesus, and we are born of God, as Jesus was.  [This gives meaning to the fact that as Christians we call each other brothers.]  Jesus being God does not diminish the honor of being brothers; it enhances it.  It is as honor to be called a brother of Jesus.  But Heb. 2:11 doesn’t focus on our view of the relationship, but of Jesus’ view.  He is not ashamed of the relationship.  Another way of putting it is that Jesus is proud of the relationship.  And that is an awesome thought.  I mentioned the “blood lines” involved here.  Blood is what made us Jesus’ brothers.  His blood was poured out for us to achieve the title of “brother.”   And by the way, ladies, you’re included.  Don’t let the word “sisters” put you into a lesser category.  Jesus is your brother, too.

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