Having a Good Day

Thursday, Nov. 19                                    

“If you don’t think every day is a good one, just try missing one.”—Cavett Robert.  We all understand that missing a day in our lives means that we miss all of the rest of our time on earth, too.  Letting that go, I would like to focus on what is a “good day.”  The word “good” here is very subjective.  It involves our emotions, how we feel about the things that take place in our day.  And our feelings are dependent on what we value.  If we want health and have it, we feel good.  If we want money and earn a lot of it today, that makes us feel good.  If I have a loving relationship with my wife, I feel good, but if we rub each other the wrong way, I don’t feel so good.  When I come to the end of a day, I often look back on it and evaluate it.  Most of the time I feel good about what I’ve accomplished, whether it’s mundane things like fixing an electrical problem or working in the yard.  But I also think of how my day went in terms of being effective as a Christian.  How did I relate to my wife?  How did I respond to incoming e-mails?  Was I focused on myself or on others?  Did I do anything of eternal value?  For most of us, the evaluation would be mixed.  For me, I generally see things that I felt good about, and other things that I wish I had handled better.  Evaluation is a good thing.  We need to let it motivate us to do it a little better tomorrow—and pray accordingly.

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