Wallflowers and All Stars

Friday, Nov. 20                                                                      

In my Nov. 1 blog I wrote about how each of us is created individually and uniquely, so that each one impacts his world in a unique way.  Once converted, this takes on new meaning.  God intends that each of us would have a unique ministry.  There are two main areas of ministry.  (1) We are to build up one another so that God can use each of us in a greater way, and (2) being His witnesses to those who are still  bound for hell.  We all share those two purposes, but each of us has unique ways to do it.  Unfortunately, too often we fail to achieve those purposes for which God made us.  There are any number of reasons for that, but part of it is our tendency to want to be like everyone else.  God made us unique and we want to be assembly line robots.  We are comfortable when we don’t stand out like a sore thumb.  Interestingly enough, we also want to be better than others.  That is, we want to shine in some way, be a better scholar, a better athlete, a leader of some sort, or make more money than others.  Both of these self serving desires side track us from carrying out God’s plans for our lives.  And both of them have their Satanic origins.  Blaming our sin nature is OK, but we need to remember that God has an antidote.  He is in the process of sanctifying us.  As we respond properly to His goal of making us holy, we will be more comfortable using our uniqueness to serve Him.  We also will be less interested in being like everyone else and less interested in elevating ourselves to a starring role.  As we would say in Bolivia—Ojala!  (May it be so!)

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