Truth is Truth

Saturday, Nov. 21                                                      

“People cannot change truth, but truth can change people.”  Our modern world is filled with people who are ambivalent about truth.  They accept whatever “ivory tower” people say without question, whether it’s evolution or sexual orientation.  After all, experts should know what is true.  Conveniently forgotten is that these men are human and not only can be simply wrong, but also skewed in their thinking by their belief systems.  At the same time, they also deliberately shy away from any truth that would limit their desire to do whatever they like with no restrictions.  “Morality is just what each one perceives it to be.”  In other words, when it comes to morality, there is no standard at all.  Truth is ignored.  That inner feeling that something is wrong is deliberately and vigorously suppressed.  People don’t want to change and the most convenient way to maintain the status quo is to ignore or deny truth.  However, most non-believers are not really happy.  They are not satisfied with life.  There’s something missing.  In other words, God is still at work, the Holy Spirit is doing his job, and a door, perhaps open just a crack, is still there.  We need to exploit that, continue to preach the truth, and gently love them back to God.  WE can’t change them, but God can.  Truth is still truth.

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