Two Cubes

Wednesday, Dec. 9                                                    

I’m indebted to Pastor Joe Burgess for this one.  I have been more or less familiar with all the following facts, but I never put them together the way Joe did.  The “holy of holies” in the Jewish tabernacle in the O.T. was 15 ft. by 15 ft. by 15 ft.  This little “cubicle” was quite small.  It was uninhabited except for once a year (on the Day of Atonement) the high priest would go in it to offer a blood sacrifice.  The priest had to go through a cleansing ritual before entering the room.  And if all was not done right, he was in real trouble.  A rope was tied to his feet so that if he was stricken dead in the holy of holies, they could drag his body out.  And then we have another cube that is still future.  It’s a bit bigger.  It’s called the New Jerusalem.  It will measure about 1400 miles by 1400 miles by 1400 miles.  It would cover about half  of the continental U.S.  It will be mammoth by comparison to the holy of holies.  But there’s more.  The New Jerusalem will have no temple.  There will be no reason for a “holy of holies” because there will be no need to make sacrifices.  Jesus will be there with all the saints of all time.  Everyone in heaven will have access to the New Jerusalem.  This comparison of two cubes tells us why Jesus had to die on a cross.  It’s the essence of our salvation.  It expresses how much God loves us.

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