This Little Light of Mine

Monday, Dec. 14                                    

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about witnessing lately—or lack of it.  As I tried to evaluate my short comings in this area, it came to me that I’ve been looking too much at the forest, and not enough at the trees.  There’s a world of unbelievers out there, which overwhelms me.  I came to realize that I am only responsible for the ones I meet, not the ones that I don’t meet.  That narrows it down quite a bit.  While I can pray for the lost in China or India, and I can give or otherwise support those who are sharing the gospel there, I’m not responsible for witnessing to them personally.  Theoretically, that frees me up to concentrate on the people I meet in daily life, a clerk at the grocery store or the gas station or a fellow passenger on a bus or plane.  Will this make a difference as I meet relative strangers?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  If I have “sincere love” as spoken of in Rom. 12:9, I will make the effort.  I may not get too far in two or three minutes, but as the chorus says “This little light of mine . . . .”  This needs to be in my mind all the time.  I can’t make their decision for them, but I can give them an option.  Pray for me, please.

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