“Jump, Son.”

Friday, Dec. 18                                                           

“Learning includes knowledge and understanding, but it is not really learning unless it is put into practice.”  Learning means trust.  A two year old stands on a stone wall and Dad says “Jump and I’ll catch you.”  You can see the wheels turning as he decides what to do.  You ask him if he believes you  will catch him and he says “yes.”  But he’s not 100 % sure.  “What if Dad doesn’t catch me?”  If and when he jumps, the lad will have his trust bolstered and will have a thrilling second or two in the process.  Trust in God is like that.  I remember when my son, Allen, confided one day about his experience in trusting God.  A college grad in Bolivia as a short term missionary, he said he had heard us talk about the times when God met our specific needs through prayer.  Most of those experiences were demonstrations of God’s remarkable faithfulness, some of them miraculous.  Al told me that he had just had a real experience of the same nature.  He was totally thrilled that God would do for him what He had been doing for us.  That’s learning!  I guess you can figure out how Elizabeth and I felt.  We were elated to see Al elated.  It was a monumental moment for us as it was for him.

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