Culpability and Impeccability

Saturday, Dec. 19                      

Adam and Eve only had one restriction put on them—and they violated it.—Joe Burgess.  This is a poignant point.  I hope I don’t misrepresent it’s significance.  I’ve always had a bit of resentment that Adam determined my fate centuries before I was born.  Am I to blame for a sin nature that I inherited from Adam?  And then I think “would I make the same mistake that Adam did?”  If so, would it be true that anyone would have done the same?  And finally, does that make God the author of sin?  If the option of sinning or not sinning by an innocent and perfectly created being by a holy God inevitably leads to disobedience, is the Creator at fault?  Since that is absurd, there is something missing in this scenario.  Call it a paradox or call it something beyond our finite abilities to comprehend.  God is not at fault, He has a rationale that is impeccable, and He has a perfectly sound reason for what He did.  However, Joe’s observation deserves more contemplation.  Assuming that God is absolutely just, we are absolutely guilty.  If we were to fully understand the way God understands, we would not be blaming God or Satan or Adam for our sinful state.  We are guilty and God must judge and condemn us if He is truly just.  With that truth, we can only be overwhelmed by His mercy and grace.  The measure of His love revealed by His becoming a man and paying for our sin is not because He is culpable, but that He is an incredibly loving God.  We owe Him everything.  There is no other rational conclusion.  The “rest of the story” we will eventually understand—which will infinitely increase our awe of God, His sacrifice, His love, His glory—and our worship of Him.

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