My Bank Account

Tuesday, Jan. 19                                                                    

No, I’m not talking about my Bank that is just down the street.  Let’s call it the Senior Citizens Bank.  I don’t mind sharing with you what I have in my account.  It has both assets and liabilities—credits and debits, if you like.  My debits include poor eyesight, hearing problems,  re-tooled teeth, memory loss, low voltage energy, no night driving, a bit of a wobble in my stride, and the need of a grandson to figure our what’s wrong with my computer or TV.  On the credit side, I still drive a car, I can still see to read, use the computer, and watch a football game on TV.  I still work in the yard, use the phone, and pay my bills.  I also have a wonderful wife to support me as well as an extended family that loves and cares for both of us, and a church “family” that does the same.  My brain still functions (more or less), I write and publish a blog every day.  Conclusion:  Although the assets are diminishing daily, I might as well use them.  They will not default to the bank.

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