Fervent and Desperate

Saturday, Jan. 23                                                       

“If God is reliable, act like it.”—Doug Burch.  You can’t get much more blunt than that.  If we were to be asked if God is reliable, most of us would answer with a resounding yes.  Yet our lives often don’t measure up to that reality.  It is especially noticeable when it comes to prayer.  We often couch our prayers so that no matter what happens, we can say they were answered.  But we end up not quite sure whether God heard the request—or if He did, maybe it wasn’t God’s will.  Of course it must be in God’s will to be a legitimate request, but it should not be a cop out.  Glib prayers are so common that we hardly ever take notice of them.  I’m talking about prayers that we would not even know if or when they got answered.  How often do we make requests that only God can answer, prayers that call for miraculous actions, prayers that we will know beyond a doubt that God heard us and responded?  Think of the needy widow.  She knew that she had not been treated justly and she knew who could bring relief.  The request was precise and she did not waver.  The need had to be met and she would not back off.  And it wouldn’t take a genius to know when the request was granted.  The thing that stands out to me is that she was desperate.  It became more than a mere request; it became a demand, and she was going to hound the poor man until she got her answer.  I like the word “fervent” in James 5:16.  That is the perfect word to describe this needy widow.  Since God IS reliable, we need to act like it!

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