Unanswered Questions

Sunday, Jan. 24                                                                      

For years I have been accumulating questions that I don’t have answers for.  Examples:  1) Is there such a thing as time in eternity?  2) How could anything not have a beginning?  What about “cause and effect?”  How could God not have a beginning?  3) Why did God let sin enter the cosmos—and the human race?  4) Since God is sovereign and is not willing for anyone to be lost, why are millions of people going to land in hell?  5) How is it fair for those who have never heard of Christ go to hell?  And I have  a lot more. Here are a few:  the trinity, the virgin birth, the dual nature of Christ, and the doctrine of election.  I don’t have a lot of answers, but I have some reasons why I don’t have answers:  1) I’m not God.  I’m finite.  2) Sin hinders my understanding.  3) Satan wants to keep me ignorant.  He wants to keep me from God’s Word all together.  4) My heart is not totally yielded to God.  5) The Bible is so full of knowledge about God that no one is even close to knowing it all.  Even the most dedicated and intelligent Bible scholars are far short of knowing all of it. But here’s the good part:  1) God has given me all I need to live for him.  2) I need to keep on learning.  3) A lot of my questions will be answered when I get to heaven.  OK, so my list is getting longer.  Let’s just say that God knows what He’s doing.

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