The Back Door Approach

Monday, Jan. 25                                                                   

“. . all men show up in the world spiritually deaf.—Robert L. Short, “The Parables of Peanuts.”  The author goes on to say that Jesus spoke ONLY parables to the crowds.  Mt. 12:34.  Short lays out a rationale for this that may or may not be right.  He says that Jesus could not use a “frontal approach” with the Jewish leaders because their minds were already made up.  He had to get their attention, use some “back door” approach in order to get them to see themselves as lost people in need of a savior.  Strong uses Jesus’ analogy of binding the strong man before taking his possessions as support for his argument.  That’s where a little uncertainty comes into the picture.  Whether or not the author is right in that, it’s true that most people do not sense any great need to change.  Satan has blinded their eyes to their sinful condition and they are not seeking help.  His point is well taken.  People today are made of the same cookie dough.  They measure themselves by others rather than by God’s standards.  “I’m just as good as others around me—and better than most.”  They also rely on false assumptions.  “God is loving and will not send anyone to hell.”  So we need to pierce that self-made armor and get people to realize their true condition.  Hitting them with “you are a sinner” is not a good starting point, although it eventually will have to be addressed because it is the core issue.  Robert Short makes that point, too.  I hope that this will help you as you share the good news.  Tact and wisdom is needed.  Love and prayer are crucial, too.

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