Ultimate Boundaries

Saturday, Jan. 30                                                       

“No one has ultimate claim to self will.”—Doug Burch.  This really caught my attention.  I had to think about this for awhile.  Is this a Biblical truth?  We all recognize that free will is an element in God’s dealings with men, and it goes back farther than that.  Satan and the fallen angels were given the right to go their own way, too.  The key word in this statement is “ultimate.”  There is one simple and irrefutable answer to my question.  God would not be God if He gave up any part of His absolute (ultimate) authority.  So while He gave Satan, angels and mankind free will, in each case limits were imposed.  This is verified by the dramatic dialogue between God and Satan in Job 1.  It is also a truth that is evident in the rest of Scripture and in our entire history.  You might say that Satan is on a leash.  God has limits on what Satan can do and can’t do.  The same is true of man.  God’s will ultimately prevails.

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