A Flawed Freedom

Sunday, Jan. 31                                                                      

The above conclusion came after a lot of meditation.  There are ramifications that call for further thought.  Much of the universal church is divided over the issue of  “free will” and the sovereignty of God.  Does an unregenerate man have the “free will” to make a decision concerning Christ?  Is he in the same position that Adam was where his moral choice moved him from the state of innocency to the state of guilt and punishment?  The Bible teaches that the sin nature incurred by Adam was passed on to all his descendants.  While Adam had a short period of innocency, it came to an end when he sinned.  He became a sinner and it became his “nature.”  All subsequent human beings inherited that sin nature.  None of us have ever experienced “innocence.”  My take on that is that his “self will” was tarnished from the moment he sinned.  His will from that  time was flawed, which rendered him incapable of coming to terms with a holy God.  He still had plenty of self will, but it was all headed in the wrong direction.  That is indicated by God’s immediate response.  First, God drove Adam and Eve from the garden so they would not eat of the Tree of Life and be utterly doomed.  They were sentenced to physical and spiritual death.  BUT God also promised a future remedy, one that that would be initiated by God and carried out by God—simply because man was not able to do it on his own.  Voila!  We have the promise of redemption!

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