Another Paradox

Tuesday, Feb. 2

I can’t resist adding a note concerning election.  Salvation is often expressed in terms of turning over one’s life to Christ.  The implication is that we have free choice in the matter, which negates the idea that God chooses us, which is also Biblical.  Maybe we have another paradox here!  I’m not sure I can reconcile these two truths, but I would like to try.  We have already pictured Satan as being on a leash.  While Satan is given a measure of freedom, it is a significant part of God’s plan.  All of Satan’s efforts will result in God achieving His own goals.  Satan is simply a tool in God’s hands. I think the same thing is true of us human beings.  Just as Satan is on a leash, so are we.  Our self will is decreed by God and can be exercised within well defined limits, but ultimately every thing we do will work out to fulfill God’s purposes.  Our free will does not mean that we sit idly by and watch God work; we need to exercise the free will that He has given us.  That’s part of His plan, too.  As Christians, we have our marching orders and we need to carry out God’s plan for out lives—even though we don’t fully succeed in measuring up to his standard.  And God will put it all together into perfect harmony in the end.  I don’t know about you, but that brings me great comfort.  God cannot be thwarted.  His agenda will be 100% victorious.  No matter what other truths such as hell and damnation come into the picture, they will all be irrelevant in the end.  I’m in good hands, people!  P.S.  Turning my life over to God is not a one time thing, it’s a daily thing and a moment by moment thing.

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