Contempt for Pride

Monday, Feb. 8                                                                      

I often fall into neutral—mental slumber, if you like—when singing hymns.  They are so familiar and it is easy to mouth the words without really thinking about them.  I suppose I’m not the only one to do this.  It happened again when we sang “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” yesterday.  The Holy Spirit has ways to awaken a person from slumber.  In this case it was the phrase “and pour contempt on all my pride.”  I’ve been more concerned lately about the degree of pride in my life.  It comes out in a variety of ways, often very subtle ways.  To my chagrin, I realize that I fall way short of pouring contempt on my pride.  I’m more apt to pour out excuses, or simply ignore it as though it’s irrelevant.  “Contempt” is a strong word, which of course is why it caught my attention.  I have contempt for a lot of things, but I’ve never before used the word in relation to my pride.  If I really have contempt for my pride, I will do something about it.  And when I find out I can’t deal with it, I need to turn it over to God.  He’d love to deal with it.  It makes me realize that the hymn writer must have had a marvelous relationship with God.  I want that.

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