Sinners by Choice

Tuesday, Feb. 9                                                                      

The Westminster Confession of Faith is the cornerstone of most evangelical belief systems.  It is founded on Biblical truth and is mostly correct.  It is not “inspired” of course, and one might find an occasional statement that is questionable, but in general it can be relied upon.  The Westminster Confession of Faith declares that we are “sinners by nature and by choice.”  Most of us have no problem with the first part of this declaration.  The only ones that would deny being a sinner are those who have a mental problem.  It is universally agreed that we all sin.  We may have a variety of ideas as to what constitutes sin, but we agree with the premise.  And we can always blame our ancestor Adam for that and thus excuse ourselves from blame.  Not so with the second part of this declaration—the “sinners by choice” part.  This is more of a problem.  We attempt to escape the ramifications of this by a variety of rationales.  “We are born sinners, so it’s not our fault; it’s Adam’s fault.”  “Satan made me do it.”  “God made us this way.”   “God is good.”  “God is forgiving.”  “God is a loving God.”  All of these are attempts to avoid any personal responsibility for our sinfulness.  We don’t want to experience the wrath of God.  So is the Westminster Confession of Faith wrong here?  I don’t think so.  The entire Bible teaches that we are responsible for our sins.  Despite the enormity of the judgment—eternal damnation in a lake of fire and separated from God forever—it is administered by a righteous God.  He would not be God if he did not condemn sin.  We have no alternative unless we accept the divine answer that “Jesus Paid it All.”

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